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E. Neil Pasia, D.O.

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  • “"I received the most rewarding experience from Orthopedic Associates. I am confident that I am getting the absolute best care possible. I have suffered from back problems for a long time and Dr. Pasia has helped me live the best life I can, with honestly and the utmost quality care possible." -- Jeff D.”

    – Jeff
  • “"I have had back pain for 12 years and since it started every year it became worse and worse. It would start in my lower back and shoot down both legs. My feet would tingle and burn. Some days I could barely even move. I was terrified to even think about surgery. I stopped participating in many things I enjoyed just to avoid being in excruciating pain the next day. I eventually found my self sitting out of almost every activity that involved bending, twisting, or lifting. I'm a home nurse and even performing my job duties were becoming more and more difficult. I reached my breaking point August 2012. I finally went to see Dr. Pasia and then found out how bad my back really was. Dr. Pasia performed a posterior decompression with lumbar fusion at L4/5 and L5/S1 on October 1, 2012. The surgery went very well, but I did have some complications after surgery and ended up being in the hospital for eight days. None of those problems had anything to do with my back, just some things that sometimes happen as people try to recover. This surgery was definitely not easy to recover from in the first three or four days. Dr. Pasia was so caring and compassionate. When he had already been in to see me at the hospital for the day he would call and check on me. His bedside manor is amazing as well as his surgical skills. I am so pleased with him and I would recommend Dr. Pasia hands down to anyone that may need back surgery. I am exactly two weeks out of surgery today and I am amazed with my progress. The pain in my legs is totally gone and the back pain is very different than before. I know I have a long way to go, but I have faith that in time I will be able to enjoy life again the way I used to and participate in activities I've avoided for so long. I cannot thank Dr. Pasia enough for what he has done for me already. I am excited to see how much better I will feel every week!" -- Carie P.”

    – Carie
  • “"I have had serious back pain since 2000. In May 2008 I began caudle injections with Dr. Sciotti. The injections provided much welcome relief but it wasn't a long-term fix. Dr. Sciotti told me that in time I would need surgery. I couldn't take the pain any longer by December 2010, so in March 2011 I scheduled surgery. Dr Pasia told me I would see 70% improvement in my legs and 50% improvement in my back. The surgery went well and by April 2011 I knew I had made the right decision of surgeons and overall practice. I did exactly what Dr. Pasia suggested which was walk. I felt so great that by April I walked for 45 minutes, which was amazing for me. Today I have absolutely no back pain. My legs and my back are at 100%. I am extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr. Sciotti and Dr. Pasia have given me my life back." -- Shirley C.”

    – Shirley
  • “One year ago today Dr. Pasia inserted 3 rods, 6 screws and 2 spacers in my lower back. (L4, L5, S1). I would like to thank Dr. Pasia for best year of pain free life I have led in 20 years. I never dreamed I would ever feel "normal" again, but here I am free of pain medication and anti-inflammatories. Thank you Dr. Pasia for giving me my life back!”

    – Michael