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“Dr. Heithoff is GREAT! He is truly concerned about each and every patient of his and it shows in his kind manner each and every time I visit him. Rather than "push" surgery, he tries alternative methods. His expertise in hand/wrist is why I drive 60 miles to see him.”
– Chris P.
“Dr.Steve Heithoff was very professional, compassionate, and explained everything in great detail.”
– Barbara R.
“Always pleasant and straightforward. Does an excellent job.”
– Michelle S.
“I always get an honest opinion. Dr. Heithoff never tries to steer oneself toward surgery when it is not needed.”
– William A.
“I had carple tunnel surgery and trigger finger surgery on my left hand. It went very well. Three weeks later I had the same surgery on my right hand. I am completely satisfied with the results.”
– Wayne M.
"Dr. Heithoff informed me that the cartilage was gone on my right thumb. He suggested transferring the closed tendon to cushion the joint would eliminate the pain. To date, it's worked remarkably. It will take a while longer to build up the strength, but to date, I'm completely satisfied. Dr. Heithoff has followed up and has given me invaluable advice. I would recommend this gentleman to anyone." - Keith P.
"Had unusual dislocation of my baby finger, resulting in surgical repair. Staff was polite, good bedside care. Very happy with the service I received." - Linda G.
"I'm having an ongoing problem with my hand. Whenever I call Dr. Heithoff's office and leave a message I get a call back from Dr. Heithoff in a very short time. Very good doctor-patient relationship. The staff is equally professional and personable." – Bernadette H.  
"I have had several very positive medical experiences with Dr. Steven Heithoff: in 2003 he fixed a broken finger for me, at some point I needed a thumb joint replacement, and other finger/hand problems, most recently treatment for trigger finger. I came away from all of them feeling much better. He is not only an excellent physician, he is a great person, very understanding and helpful.   I live about an hour away but my husband and I don't mind the long drive because we so appreciate the caring treatment I get from Dr. Heithoff and nurses, etc. on your staff." – Jo S. 
"I had carpal tunnel surgery. Was a great success no more pain or numbness in my wrist or hand. Very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Steve is the best" – Eva S.