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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Kreis.

I had plantar fasciotomies in both feet ten years ago. Absolutely no problems ever since. SO grateful to have that pain gone forever. Thank you Dr Kreis!  
"Dr. Kreis was my physician and surgeon for my past 3 surgeries. Despite only being 21 years old, I have had my ulnar nerve repositioned and carpal tunnel release surgery in both hands. As a graphic design major, it's nice to finally be able to work on a computer for hours on end without my hands and fingers going numb. Now, I can enjoy designing to the fullest since my hands don't cause me to take a break." -- Alyssa E.
"In 2009, my then nine-year-old daughter Mallory became infected with MRSA from a knee injury. After an MRI showed the infection landed on the bone resulting in a hospital stay, I was very surprised to say the least that my family doctor was referring us to an orthopedic doctor. It was my first experience with Orthopedic Associates. I walked in very reluctant and hesitant. We were dealing with an infection and not a broken bone. After meeting with Dr. Kreis, I felt much better and it made sense why we were sent in that direction. Dr. Kreis explained that if Mallory was put in a full leg cast, it would give the antibiotics time to work with the knee being immobilized, not allowing the infection to penetrate into the bone. Mallory did wear a leg cast for six weeks and was completely healed before the infection could move anywhere else. Four years later and she is full swing into basketball season. We really credit Dr. Kreis as he prevented something that could have had lifelong consequences." -- Karen K.
"I have to say that my physical therapy went easier than expected! Surgery on my knee was well organized from what I remember. Everyone from the receptionist to the therapist, were very professional and pleasant. Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron is an asset to the community. Thanks to all who helped me. I still have to see Dr. Kreis, but I think I am recovering well." -- Garry B.
"It has been better than I expected! From the medical staff, the surgery center, and therapy staff are all very comforting when going through traumatic stress. Falling down steps hurt my elbow requiring a cast that lead to a tear in my knee. Both of my injuries are healing well. Everyone has been a great help!" -- Garry B.
My elbow lost all cartilage, we now know due to Marfan syndrome. Dr Kreis replaced the elbow, very uncommon at the time. Unusable at the time, I now have almost normal use of it. He is the Senior Surgeon for Orthopedic associates of Port Huron.
I had plantar fasciotomies in both feet ten years ago. Absolutely no problems ever since. SO grateful to have that pain gone forever. Thank you Dr Kreis!  
We knew it was time to get help when the pain made us both think twice about our passion—playing golf. Sharon was plagued with pain in her right knee, which Dr. Kreis diagnosed as a significant tear in the lateral medial meniscus with some degenerative changes. He recommended arthroscopic surgery. My extremely painful thumb joints turned out to be bilateral basal joint arthritis, which Dr. Steve Heithoff, OA’s hand specialist, proposed be treated with bilateral tendon arthroplasty surgery. Anxious to return to the course, we were both fortunate to be able to schedule our surgeries at the Blue Water Surgery Center, the area’s only center specializing in outpatient orthopedic surgery. Having had other procedures in a large hospital, OA’s surgery center was so much more convenient and the one-on-one treatment made us feel more at ease. Thanks to the extremely thorough treatment Sharon received from Dr. Kreis and my fantastic care from Dr. Steve, we’ve both recovered beautifully and we were back to playing golf in just six weeks. What a great experience.