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While do-it-yourself projects have many rewards, there are also hidden dangers on any home improvement work site. The specialists at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron have seen many types of home improvement injuries over the years. Hand injuries are some of the most common, but injuries can also occur to the foot and ankleneck and back, and hip and knee.

Keep the following suggestions in mind this year during your home improvement projects:

  • Know how to operate the tool — If you do not know how to operate a machine, read the directions and make sure you ask for advice from someone with more experience.
  • Keep a clean work area — To avoid tripping over power cords, falling off ledges, or stepping on a nail, clear unneeded tools and accessories from the work space.
  • Dress appropriately — Wearing sandals or shorts is generally not a good idea when working on home improvement projects. Clothing such as boots, jeans, and safety glasses are recommended.
  • Use ladder safety — When using a ladder, be sure to find a flat surface. Keep the weight centered and do not overextend yourself beyond your reach.
  • Watch the weather — Being caught out in bad weather can increase the risk for accidents. Keeping a close eye on the weather can ensure a safe work environment.

“Be sure to take frequent breaks while working on projects around your home,” says Dr. Gary Doss, orthopedic specialist at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. “Overexerting can cause injury because we tend to not be as alert when we are tired.”

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