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Hand injuries often result in nerves being crushed, stretched, or severed, which can result in a loss of sensation. The hand and wrist surgeons at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huronuse a microscopic surgical technique to repair nerves, as well as arteries and veins, and restore feeling.

“Many of the injuries that I have treated in my years of hand and wrist care have involved a laceration from an accident with a sharp object, such as a lawnmower blade, knife, or broken glass,” says Dr. Steven J. Heithoff, hand surgeon at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. “These types of injuries usually cause nerve damage and should be treated as soon as possible.”

Dr. Steven J. Heithoff’s microscopic surgical technique magnifies the finger 10 times the standard view, allowing him to sew the nerves together using sutures that are thinner than an eyelash. In some cases, nerve grafting may be required, which entails doctors using healthy nerves from the lower leg or the arm.

“This surgical procedure is ideal for younger patients, because they typically will regain most sensibility,” says Dr. Heithoff. “This microscopic technique will help get you back to an active lifestyle and living the life you were prior to the injury.”

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