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Many arthritis sufferers limit their lifestyle due to the chronic pain that they experience. Whether you wish to visit family, take a dream vacation, or go on a business trip, don’t let arthritis control your traveling plans.

The specialists at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron offer some helpful solutions to solve any traveling issues for those suffering with arthritis.

Create a plan — by creating a well-thought out plan, you can be prepared for what lies ahead of you. Take a family member or friend with you to offer assistance when needed. Pack medication, and most importantly, don’t keep everything you need in one bag, as luggage is easily lost.

“Planning ahead is the key to any successful trip,” says Dr. D. David Ernst, specialist at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. “If you’re new to traveling with arthritis, take a short trip to see how you do before taking a lengthier vacation.”

Address concerns — Addressing the concerns you have to others is important. They can offer assistance by directing you to elevator locations or easily accessible restrooms. Watch for wheelchair accessible ramps and always keep walking distance in mind, this will make things easier and cause less fatigue. If taking a vacation, make your needs known to a travel agent, who can offer different hotel services and notify you of places with room services.

Maintain a good pace — Don’t be afraid to slow down. Traveling in heavy traffic areas can be stressful, but maintain a good pace and relax before rushing. Make sure not to overdo it, and don’t be afraid to tell the person that you are with that you need to stop and rest.

“Following just one of these suggestions can see you on your way to enjoying a more active lifestyle with arthritis,” says Dr. Ernst.

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