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We knew it was time to get help when the pain made us both think twice about our passion—playing golf. Sharon was plagued with pain in her right knee, which Dr. Kreis diagnosed as a significant tear in the lateral medial meniscus with some degenerative changes. He recommended arthroscopic surgery. My extremely painful thumb joints turned out to be bilateral basal joint arthritis, which Dr. Steve Heithoff, OA’s hand specialist, proposed be treated with bilateral tendon arthroplasty surgery.

Anxious to return to the course, we were both fortunate to be able to schedule our surgeries at the Blue Water Surgery Center, the area’s only center specializing in outpatient orthopedic surgery. Having had other procedures in a large hospital, OA’s surgery center was so much more convenient and the one-on-one treatment made us feel more at ease.

Thanks to the extremely thorough treatment Sharon received from Dr. Kreis and my fantastic care from Dr. Steve, we’ve both recovered beautifully and we were back to playing golf in just six weeks. What a great experience.

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