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After many months of pain in my forearm and numbness in my hand, I made an appointment with Dr. Heithoff. I had sought other treatments that were expensive, time consuming and did not work! The OA staff is always courteous and helpful, with a beautiful organized office. I was escorted to x-ray and back to the exam room, always informed of what was being done and the time frame. Dr. Heithoff was punctual, and, having a monitor in the exam room was very helpful to show me my x-ray and explain it. He knew what to do to alleviate my symptoms, administered an injection skillfully and told me to return if needed. No unnecessary follow-up. Needless to say, the injection worked and I was symptom free. And, when I broke my finger in a "dog walking incident", I returned to Dr. Heithoff for his excellent care. We are fortunate to have a hand surgeon of his stature in Port Huron and I thank Dr. Heithoff and his staff for their wonderful care.

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