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"I broke my humerus is two places while on vacation last June in Florida. I was taken to the ER there and the orthopedic doctor on staff had me admitted at once so he could do surgery. When he found out I lived in Michigan, he discharged me and told me to just find a doctor when I got back to Michigan. My dad made me an appointment for the following Monday with Dr. Doss. I cannot tell you how happy and impressed I was with Dr. Doss and the staff at OA. He took a more conservative approach and casted me. Every appointment I had with him was comfortable and he was just so friendly. I am so beyond glad that I was his patient. Dr. Doss cared about how I was healing. After the two months in the cast, I was prescribed physical therapy, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff in the PT department! I am very very happy with my experience at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. Thank you all for everything and making sure I was comfortable and on my way back to health! A year later I'm as good as new!!!" -- Ann

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