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"I came to OA in the beginning of May when I was injured in a serious horse accident. Dr. Ernst told me I had a crush injury to the right foot resulting in a fracture and a tendon that was torn vertically in half. I also had bruised ribs and various other minor injuries. He said the torn tendon was a rare problem he had never seen before and may require a tendon transplant if therapy wasn't successful. After two weeks off work and an additional 3 weeks to heal, I started doing therapy at OA.

"The staff was so friendly and fun that it made me absolutely love going! Andy "Francis" Pesta was my favorite person there. He took a ton of extra time with me to help me get in shape and feel better again. Even though Andy spent the most time with me, Kyle and Kelsie were also awesome and helped inspire me to do everything I needed to get better. The routine was difficult at first but was also fun. I was in therapy for several months and OA made the atmosphere so welcoming that I made friends with a lot of the workers and other patients as well. I loved Joan and Lauren. We joked around with each other the entire time and even made "rap" songs to pass the hours of working out. A big thanks goes to the physical therapists as well.

"Donna, Rob, Laura, and Karen worked with me and always told me the goals of where I needed to be and how much further I would have to come before the big "graduation.” Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I took home my T-shirt last week. I joked about not having my speech prepared and the choir of angels wasn't scheduled to part the clouds and sing the Hallelujah chorus just yet, but I am so excited to be back to 100% health. Thank you Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron!" -- Kristen H.