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"I'm 57-years-old and I have never broken a bone in fact no real health issue. Eight weeks ago I fell asleep sitting on couch waiting until it was dark to let my cat in. It turned dark out and I woke up in a panic that I hadn't let her in. I stood up quick and didn't realize my left foot had fallen asleep. I heard this crunch like plastic, but when I looked down there was nothing under my foot. Yes that noise was my bone breaking. I went to bed not in a lot of pain and thought tomorrow I had better get it checked out. So I went to Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron’s Website and requested an appointment. I received a call within an hour and I had appointment that day. Everyone was very pleasant at OA. I have one more appointment on August 13 for my last X-ray. My foot looks and feels good, and I am back driving my sporty six-speed car again too! Thank you to all at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron! (I have had at least seven family members treated at OA and all were satisfied.)" -- Rebecca B.

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