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"My son Kyle and daughter Aubyrn have been seen by Dr. Scott Heithoff for separate incidents. Kyle (13) had a knee injury sustained while playing basketball. Dr. Heithoff recommended physical therapy. Kyle was referred to Mark Muzzarelli for treatment. Mark was very thorough, setting up a rigid physical therapy routine that would increase Kyle’s strength. We are very happy with the results. Kyle will have to continue what he has learned from Mark to maintain his strength and we are thankful for the knowledge we attained to keep our son healthy. Aubyrn (11) had a solid break in her left humorous. Concerned with her age and activity level, Dr. Heithoff casted her arm for a few weeks, and then had her in a sling with limited movement. Her arm is healing nicely and she is back to her old self-playing basketball, dancing, and riding horses. Thank you to Dr. Heithoff and the entire staff at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron for taking care of our family." -- Tina V.

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