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"I have had serious back pain since 2000. In May 2008 I began caudle injections with Dr. Sciotti. The injections provided much welcome relief but it wasn't a long-term fix. Dr. Sciotti told me that in time I would need surgery. I couldn't take the pain any longer by December 2010, so in March 2011 I scheduled surgery. Dr Pasia told me I would see 70% improvement in my legs and 50% improvement in my back. The surgery went well and by April 2011 I knew I had made the right decision of surgeons and overall practice. I did exactly what Dr. Pasia suggested which was walk. I felt so great that by April I walked for 45 minutes, which was amazing for me. Today I have absolutely no back pain. My legs and my back are at 100%. I am extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr. Sciotti and Dr. Pasia have given me my life back." -- Shirley C.

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