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"I came to OAPH at the end of 2010 because I injured my back at work (disc herniation). I first met with Dr. Pasia, which began my treatment. Dr. Pasia was very compassionate with my situation and encouraged me to do everything I could to care for my back other than him performing surgery on my back. He put me into PT where I first met with Laura; she's awesome. The entire staff at OA has really shined a bright light as to how a PT office is to operate daily. The staff at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron is a fun-loving family with a great passion for what they do for everyone.

"I will mention Rob, Donna, Karen, and all the training staff. Each one of these people has made me a better person physically as well as spiritually and emotionally. Let's not forget Jenny and Jessica at the front desk. I have had many wonderful conversations with these beautiful women. May God bless you all and keep the current atmosphere alive and well. Oh yes, I almost forgot: thank you very much, Julie, for your sweet and kind words as well. If I forgot anyone, it's not intentional. God bless you all and DO NOT lose the humor, great conversations and deep-rooted compassion to 'Keep People Moving.'

"OAPH serves as a place of hope to so many who have experienced an unexpected situation in life and hope is ALWAYS a good thing. Thank you!!" --Sean E.

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