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"Working with Orthopedic Associates was/is a great experience. Last August, I started to have pain from the sciatic nerve in my right leg. I endured the pain until I could no longer stand it. I am 81 years old and my life was one of pain, and I could hardly walk. So in early December, I visited Dr. Sciotti. He set me up on a course of therapy."

"Working with Dr. Muzzrelli and Kristin and the therapy team, they put me on a regimen of working at the OA facility, which is stocked with an enormous variety of exercise equipment. Through ultrasound treatment, moist blanket applications, and massage along with exercise, I started to respond. The atmosphere working with the therapy team was enjoyable. After 2.5 months of visits three times a week and the two epidural shots, I am virtually pain-free. In February, I drove to Siesta Key, Florida, and walked on the beach daily, played golf, and enjoyed life with my family again. My wife had foot surgery so she could not drive so I drove all 1320 miles. Kristin gave me a tip of doing a '"pelvic tilt" while I was driving, so I arrived pain-free. I still faithfully do my exercises at home which allows me to enjoy life with my family." --Robert S.

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