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"In May 2012, Dr. Heithoff replaced my left hip that was worn out. He is a great surgeon. Recovery was pleasant and fast thanks to Donna Grundman. She outlined a plan for my rehab at their facility that went fast and had me back to full use in three months. Now sixteen months later, I still feel great. In August 2013, I had severe pain in my left hip to my heel. I made an appointment to see Dr. Kowalski about it. After x-rays and an MRI, he found out that I had arthritis in the lower back that put pressure on some nerves. He prescribed and administered an epidural shot. I was lucky and started to feel relief by the next day. It has been fifteen days and I am back full tilt. Also, I would recommend their surgery center. Everybody in there is very caring and thoughtful. Thank You All!" -- Charlie H.

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