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"In 2009, my then nine-year-old daughter Mallory became infected with MRSA from a knee injury. After an MRI showed the infection landed on the bone resulting in a hospital stay, I was very surprised to say the least that my family doctor was referring us to an orthopedic doctor. It was my first experience with Orthopedic Associates. I walked in very reluctant and hesitant. We were dealing with an infection and not a broken bone. After meeting with Dr. Kreis, I felt much better and it made sense why we were sent in that direction. Dr. Kreis explained that if Mallory was put in a full leg cast, it would give the antibiotics time to work with the knee being immobilized, not allowing the infection to penetrate into the bone. Mallory did wear a leg cast for six weeks and was completely healed before the infection could move anywhere else. Four years later and she is full swing into basketball season. We really credit Dr. Kreis as he prevented something that could have had lifelong consequences." -- Karen K.

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