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My son who was 5 years old at the time fell while playing on the monkey bars at school. He ended with both the radius and the ulna broken. Needless to say his mother and myself were horified at the possibility of permanent damage. As always every time we see Dr. Doss he throws a joke out there to make the kids laugh and lighten the mood a bit for everyone. Dr. Doss decided to give my son's arm a chance to heal on it's own instead of operating, using pins and screws, and causing my little guy much more pain than he had already endured. Long story short my son's arm had to remain in a cast for a few weeks longer, but we were so thankful for Dr. Doss' extra effort allowing the fracture to heal without surgery.  Words cannot express how wonderful Dr. Doss is, not just as an orthopedic surgeon, but as a person in general. Thanks again Dr. Doss for fixing up my baby boy.

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