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"I have had nothing but positive experiences at Orthopedic Associates. Dr. Steve Heithoff has kept my carpal tunnel pain under control with injections rather than surgery. I have several back conditions (degenerative discs, lumbar stenosis, lower spinal curve) and Dr. Pasia has provided huge relief with a different type of back support. I had several therapy sessions under Maureen's care - Kristin did most of the "hands-on" but all the PT staff that I had contact with were top notch. I noticed much improvement after only two treatments and by the end of my sessions could walk without any assistance. I still do the prescribed home exercises and am on "as needed status" now with my providers. My current need is to find time to meet with Maureen for new orthotics. I always recommend OA to anyone in need of care. I live 65 miles from Port Huron and am 81 years old but it is worth the drive to receive the type of care that OA provides." – Nira A. 

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