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"Dr. Heithoff has performed three different surgeries for me; from trigger thumb repair, to repairing a meniscus tear in my knee and total knee replacement. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. He's performed three surgeries for me, including repair of my trigger thumb (which works great now), repaired a meniscus tear and then my recent knee replacement. He's humble, he's extremely professional, and caring all at the same time. He answered all of my questions I've ever had and actually has drawn pictures for me to better understand. He also takes as much time as I need to discuss treatment options with me. Jennifer Hodney is a physician assistant who assisted Dr. Heithoff with my total knee replacement. When I met with her prior to my surgery, she too was willing to answer any questions I had, she was compassionate and encouraged me to ask questions as well. I'd recommend them both if you require any of their services. Excellent!!!!!" – Betsy 

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