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"On my first consultation with Dr. Makim, he thoroughly went over my shoulder MRI with me so I could see and understand what was causing my pain and lack of strength from my injury. What impressed me was the fact that although he could have set me up for surgery to repair the damage, he offered me another option which was physical therapy. He felt that if I worked hard at it, and strengthened the muscles in the shoulder area, I might be able to manage my pain and strengthen the shoulder so I could enjoy my active lifestyle without having to go through surgery, and the time needed to recover from that. I can honestly say that I was skeptical at first, but after my first session with the therapist, I noticed the pain starting to subside, and I was able to sleep without discomfort, something I could not do without medication. Monthly checkups with the doctor showed progress and after three months of three days a week therapy, we both made the decision that surgery was not needed and I was pretty much able to do what I wanted as far as physical activity. Therapists, Donna and Karen were very interested in my progress and helped me through every step of my rehabilitation. The staff were always very glad to see me and we became very acquainted with each other during the process. They are a team in every aspect of the patients care. While I would be working out in the gym, I noticed that every patient there was treated with dignity and respect, no matter what age, or physical handicap they were dealing with. The Techs that work there are very friendly, courteous and helpful with all of the patients. I am very satisfied with the care I received from both the Doctor and the Therapists at Orthopedic Associates and have recommended them to others that experience similar physical impairments. I really understand how they are rated the number one Physical Therapy group in the state!" – Sidney T. 

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