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"I was first referred to Dr. Doss. What a very down to earth, warm, funny,  kind and personable doctor I have ever been blest to see. After reviewing my MRI he referred me to Dr. E. Pasia. Before we left Dr. Doss he rattled off several one-line jokes that made me beg to him "I was all  laughed out, with tears running down my face". I practically pushed him out of the exam room, I could not take any more. He totally made the rest of my day. "GOD PLEASE BLESS THIS MAN". Also he referred me to see Dr. E. Pasia. Another personable , warm, kind and funny  doctor with one-line jokes also. I think there was some competition between the two doctors. Anyway after reviewing my MRI, he suggested I receive physical therapy first. I had the P.T. and it is working. I do my exercises ( 2 1/2 hrs. per day ) as many times a week as possible. I tell everyone who needs to see a specialist my experience with O.A. I must admit I was very very skeptical to go to them after my bad experience with an Orthopedic doctor several years ago in Southfield,  Mich. ( not related to O.A. ).

A VERY WARM THANK YOU to Doctors Doss and Pasia. I am forever grateful." 

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