Ankle Taping or Ankle Braces – Which is More Effective in Prevention of Injuries?

Over the years, there have been many studies reflecting the superiority of a good laced ankle brace as compared to ankle taping techniques. The following study may be helpful in answering this question.

This study was performed from 1988 through 1995 and it involved 300 Wake Forest University football players. The study was designed to determine which provides better support in preventing ankle injuries: tape or braces?

The results revealed that of the 158 ankle sprains that occurred over the 8-year period, 115 were with taped ankles and 43 with braced ankles. Also, braced players returned to full participation 2 full days sooner than those with a taped injury.

The conclusion drawn from this prospective study was that braces were found to be superior to tape in preventing and minimizing injury in football players. The performance difference was attributed to loss of support resulting from the tape loosening.

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