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What Is the ITG Diet?

The ITG Diet Plan is an easy-to-follow, three-step nutrition plan that is designed to get you into a light state of ketosis, which is a metabolic state where your body burns fat for energy, since there are not enough carbohydrates to use. By utilizing this protein-based weight control program, whole foods, and our professional coaches, you will achieve the results you want and experience a healthier life.

What Makes the ITG Diet Different?

  • It’s all about the science. ITG’s three-step plan is medically designed. It’s not a trend or a never-ending yo-yo diet.
  • No drugs or shots—just healthy, delicious whole foods and high-quality protein supplements with over 60 great-tasting varieties.
  • You’ll shed fat instead of muscle mass, losing an average of 2 – 5 pounds of fat per week.*
  • We explain how the foods you eat react in your body and either cause you to retain or lose weight.
  • You’ll have a trained professional coach throughout the program, and even after you have completed the plan, you’ll be provided with the necessary training, materials, and education to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

*Results may vary.

The Three-Step Plan

Step One: Weight Loss

Step one begins your healthy weight loss journey by using the ITG protein foods as a basis for three out of four daily meals. This provides you with the healthy protein necessary to protect and maintain your calorie-burning muscles while you burn stored fat. Follow this step until you have reached your weight loss goal.

Step Two: Transition

Step two is the key to successfully stabilizing your weight loss. You will slowly reintroduce moderate amounts of fruits, fats, and carbohydrates to your diet each week for four transitional weeks. This allows your body to readjust to producing the insulin needed.

Step Three: Success for Life

Continue using what you’ve learned to choose healthy foods, eat a balanced diet, and maintain your new, healthy weight.

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