Is It Time for New Shoes?

Love your old pair of tennis shoes? You may want to replace that torn-up pair of shoes with newer, more comfortable footwear. 

While you may feel out of your comfort zone without your trusty pair of shoes, hanging on to them can put you at risk for serious injury. As time passes, running shoes start losing stability as well as their impact absorption capabilities. Replacing them is the answer, but when?

It is recommended that a person replaces their shoes every 350 – 500 miles or every three to six months. 

Failure to replace shoes can result in:

  • Daily aches and pains
  • Sprained ankles
  • Soreness
  • Falls resulting in fractures

Remember to replace your shoes with new ones by marking your calendar or picking out a few pairs at one time. Doing so will help keep you pain-free and give you the comfort you desire. 

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