Nonsurgical Spine Care in Port Huron

The spine consists of five sections—the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx—and is a highly complex and critical component of the body. It not only protects the spinal cord, nerve roots, and many internal organs, but it also provides structural support and enables the body to bend and twist. However, because of the spine's ability to provide both support and mobility, it is more susceptible to injuries.

Many people, if not most, will experience neck or back pain at some point in their life. Because the spine plays such an important role, this pain can severely impact a person's life and keep them from enjoying the activities they love.

Spine surgeons and medical doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and spine care offer many medical treatment options that can provide patients with relief from their neck or back pain.

While surgery is a safe and effective treatment for many injuries and conditions of the spine, such as fractures and spinal cord injuries, it is not the only treatment that can be offered. In fact, not all spine injuries and conditions require surgery. Oftentimes, patients experiencing a spinal problem can find pain relief through conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, injections, anti-inflammatory medication, rehabilitation, and muscle relaxants.

Do You Need Nonsurgical Spine Care?

If you are suffering from one of the following injuries or conditions, you may benefit from seeking treatment from a physiatrist specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and spine care:

  • Back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Compressed or irritated nerves
  • Disc herniation
  • Muscle sprain
  • Neck pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Spinal deformity
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis

To determine which nonsurgical treatment option is right for you and your spine injury or condition, our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist will perform a thorough exam. He may also perform additional tests, such as X-rays, nerve conduction studies, and electrodiagnostic testing. Once the cause of your neck or back pain is diagnosed, our physiatrist will create a personalized care plan that meets your individual needs and goals.

To request a consultation with our doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and spine care, please request an appointment online or call (810) 985-4900.

Why Choose Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron’s Spine Center?

Matthew J. Sciotti, M.D. is board-certified and specialty-trained physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor who has dedicated his medical practices to the specialized fields of spine care and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our physiatrist is also a member of the most experienced spine team in the region and has undergone extensive training to offer the specialized spinal care you need to get back to a life renewed.

Dedicated to offering the latest evidence-based and most advanced treatments, our doctor is highly skilled at providing nonsurgical treatments for the spine, including:

  • Botox injections
  • Cancer pain management
  • Epidural injections
  • Facet joint injections
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Radiofrequency lesioning
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Spinal medial branch blocks
  • Sympathetic blocks
  • Transforaminal epidural steroid injections

If nonsurgical treatment options fail to provide relief for your injury or condition and surgery is recommended, our physiatrist will refer you to our spine surgeon to discuss your options.

To consult with our physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, please request an appointment online or call (810) 985-4900.