The Perfect Fit: A New Knee Replacement Option

One of the newest orthopedic technologies, custom fit knee replacements are shaping the way joint specialists treat patients. Find out how these custom procedures work and the benefits they possess.

When it comes to the custom fit knee replacements, the saying “one size fits all” does not apply. The process begins with an MRI; from there a specialist at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron can form a 3-D model that gives them a precise and an exact vision of the affected area.

“Custom fit knee replacements are a great option for arthritic patients,” says Dr. Rajesh Makim, joint replacement specialist with Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron. “The ultimate goal is to restore the knee back to its pre-arthritic state, which this procedure helps to achieve.”

The 3-D model helps to determine the correct size of the implant and where it should be placed based upon the patient’s knee alignment.

Learn about some of the benefits that custom fit knee replacements offer:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Greater results
  • Smaller incision
  • Less pain
  • Increased mobilization
  • Longer life span of the implant

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