Smoking: The Danger It Poses to Bones

The lungs and heart aren’t the only areas of the human body that can be harmed as a result of smoking. Evidence suggests that cigarettes can have serious harmful effects on your bones, too.

Studies have shown that recovery times after orthopedic procedures are significantly longer for those who smoke. In the study by the Northwestern University Medical School, smokers took an average of two months longer to heal from procedures than nonsmokers.

“The fact is that nonsmokers not only see better results but they recover much faster than those who choose to smoke,” says Dr. Scott Heithoff, joint replacement specialist at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron.

Smoking affects bones because bones are nourished by blood, just like any other area of the human body. Blood vessels will tighten as a result of smoking, thus reducing the healing time for a bone. The affected area will not receive the vital nutrients that it needs to fully recover the way it is intended to.

The effects of smoking are known, but it is extremely important that you do not smoke when recovering from an orthopedic procedure if you wish to achieve the results you are looking for.

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