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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Makim.

“Dr. Makim was very to the point what had to be done and what he would do. Very helpful thru out my time with him. I am very satisfied with me experience there and very happy with the results. Thank You Dr. Makim!”
– Robert B.
"I had an ACL and partial meniscus tear during a high school basketball game, and fractured my knee cap. Dr. Makim performed my knee surgeries, and I did my rehab with Marc at OA. Dr. Makim and Marc knew from the beginning how bad I wanted to be back in the gym, and they were incredibly supportive during my journey. The entire staff at Orthopedic Associates made me feel like family, and their support and encouragement during my treatment made all the difference in my recovery. I was able to compete again at the High School level, and was lucky enough to continue playing softball at the college level for the SCCCC Skippers. I have recommended Dr. Makim, Orthopedic Associates and the OA Physical Therapy program to family and friends, and I am very thankful for the wonderful care and support that I received." – Sarah M. 
"Dr. Makim has been treating me for about three years!!! He is awesome. I had been dealing with severe pain caused by bone on bone osteoarthritis for many years. First, I got a few series of Euflexxa injections and finally had Total Knee Replacement Surgery in January!! Everyone was so nice and considerate and now I am back to living my active life again!! I had limited myself so much because of the pain and now I am really living again!! Everyone I dealt with was kind, caring, very considerate and very knowledgeable!! Thank you all so much for giving me back my life!!!" – Isabelle N. 
"Dr. Makim has helped me thru tough times into wonderful times by correctional surgery and recovery. He's a "win-win doctor and has an A+ team and staff. I've been very blessed by the way they changed my life physically of no function of my right hip on a Monday and having a total hip replacement and playing drums in Church the following Sunday." - Terry S.
"On my first consultation with Dr. Makim, he thoroughly went over my shoulder MRI with me so I could see and understand what was causing my pain and lack of strength from my injury. What impressed me was the fact that although he could have set me up for surgery to repair the damage, he offered me another option which was physical therapy. He felt that if I worked hard at it, and strengthened the muscles in the shoulder area, I might be able to manage my pain and strengthen the shoulder so I could enjoy my active lifestyle without having to go through surgery, and the time needed to recover from that. I can honestly say that I was skeptical at first, but after my first session with the therapist, I noticed the pain starting to subside, and I was able to sleep without discomfort, something I could not do without medication. Monthly checkups with the doctor showed progress and after three months of three days a week therapy, we both made the decision that surgery was not needed and I was pretty much able to do what I wanted as far as physical activity. Therapists, Donna and Karen were very interested in my progress and helped me through every step of my rehabilitation. The staff were always very glad to see me and we became very acquainted with each other during the process. They are a team in every aspect of the patients care. While I would be working out in the gym, I noticed that every patient there was treated with dignity and respect, no matter what age, or physical handicap they were dealing with. The Techs that work there are very friendly, courteous and helpful with all of the patients. I am very satisfied with the care I received from both the Doctor and the Therapists at Orthopedic Associates and have recommended them to others that experience similar physical impairments. I really understand how they are rated the number one Physical Therapy group in the state!" – Sidney T. 
"Only orthopedic facility in town I would go to." – Jim K. 
"I was very pleased with the fast process that Dr. Makim performed for my frozen shoulder. He was very informative and also compassionate concerning the pain I was in. He always followed up on my progress after physical therapy. I would highly recommend Dr. Makim, as well as the facility itself." – Denise H.   
"A man at our church suggested I see Dr. Makim for the problem I was having with my knee. I was very impressed on my first visit. They took X-rays, and showed them to me. I also had taken an MRI and was shown that as well. Everything was explained in detail, as a former Anatomy and Physiology Professor I appreciated his detail to facts, which also backed up my knowledge. I have healed very well and am going back for the other knee next month." – William B. 
"It's been a great productive treatment plan with great improvement. Very happy with my care. Staff very courteous." – Lisa J. 
"I was reluctant to begin therapy at first. But knowing that it was necessary to rehab my shoulder after the surgery I began. However the positive atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of therapists quickly changed my perspective. Dr. Donna Grundman was my primary therapist, her knowledge and manner made the whole experience enjoyable. The secretarial staff particularly Becky and Tammy always had smiles and were extremely adept at working out a schedule. Should I ever need to have therapy again I would not hesitate to return to Orthopedic Associates for another quality experience. Thank You." – Marvin J.