Keep It Straight

Ask yourself…

If I could look better, feel better and live longer by practicing one good habit, would I do it? That’s all it takes—Really. Good posture is about practice and practice makes perfect.

Keep It Straight. We want your Back to Last a Lifetime. Get Started Today. Brought to you by The Spine Center at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron.

Keep It Straight...What to Do


Take in a deep breath. Raise your head high as if a string is pulling it straight up from the top of your spine. This brings your chin down and your eyes to a relaxed and level position. Now that your neck is elongated, let out your breath and relax into the new position.

You should immediately feel built-up stress in your shoulders dissipate.

*Check yourself...Shoulders relaxed and back, even with the back of your body. Now tuck in the stomach. This will naturally tilt your pelvis forward to its proper position. Stand evenly on both feet. Keep your weight about 70% over the heels and 30% over the toes allowing your heels to absorb most of the weight while you maintain your balance.

Make a mental list to check this position until it becomes a habit. Just go from top to bottom...feet that is. :-) When it comes time to move, let your eyes lead the way and your body will follow.


Set your hips to the rear of the chair and sit up straight with your shoulders back. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly on either side of your body.

If the chair is properly sized for you, you should be able to bend your knees at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor. Take care to adjust the chair properly if possible. If you are sitting at a workstation, try to sit up close to your work in such a way that your head can fall naturally as if you were standing.

Take time to give yourself good posture, and in return you will get a back to last a lifetime.

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