Patient Reviews: Dr. E-Neil Pasia

E. Neil Pasia, D.O.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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  • “Dr. Pasia was very friendly took his time with me and answered all my questions. ”

    – Lisa S.
  • “Very professional,courteous, and quick service.”

    – Paula P.
  • “I was totally confident that Dr. Pasia would be able to help with me with my neck pain. He really listened and made the whole process of needing surgery so much easier. I had a 2 level fusion and have done very well recouping. I am feeling better than I have felt in a couple of years. Thank you Dr. Pasia and all the staff who helped me thru the process. Including all the physical therapy staff. Everyone was wonderful. Thank You!!!”

    – Kelly L.
  • “All of the staff including Dr. Pasia were incredible. Everyone was very caring and informative.”

    – Theresa F.
  • “ Dr. Pasia is awesome, very caring, takes the time to listen to what you have to say, not in a rush, explains everything. Couldn't ask for a better doctor. Thanks for all the excellent care Dr. Pasia.”

    – Melissa P.
  • “ Dr.Pacia is awesome. He explains things,so you can understand. Great surgeon. Best one to see for back issues that need surgery.”

    – Pat H.
  • “ Very impressed with the way I was treated and how he was looking into my pain to solve the problem. ”

    – Anthony N.
  • “ Professional”

    – John P.
  • “ Dr Pasia listens and is very concerned about my health. I'm glad he didn't push me into therapy since I did it last year and continue with my stretches daily. ”

    – Shirley C.
  • “ Dr Pasia and his staff are very thourough and provided excellent customer service. Thank you again. ”

    – Scott S.
  • “Friendly and pleasant. Have always received good service from. Orthopedic Associates. Would recommend to anyone. Will continue services with them and. Dr. Pasia”

    – Marilyn S.
  • “Dr .Pasia is always kind and caring. Very supportive. ”

    – Deb H.
  • “Dr. Pasia was very kind and explained how my back is supposed to look and does look. He gave some really amazing advice and he was just all round a positive person!”

    – Andrea M.
  • “I broke my L4 vertebrae and really didn't realize it for almost two weeks. My back didn't heal after my home remedies, so I thought I had better get to a specialist. I'd been to ORTHOPEDICS ASSOCIATES several years ago, as well as my family, so I made the appointment. After a few sets of exrays, I was referred to Dr Pasia. I can't tell how professional and comforting he was, from his dress to his diagnosis and plan to heal my back. No mention of any surgery, which was very comforting. When something like this happens, the average "lay" person has no idea how this problem will be resolved. I was so happy to have my back healed up in six weeks, and VERY happy to go back to work. Thanks again!”

  • “I was first referred to Dr. Doss. What a very down to earth, warm, funny,  kind and personable doctor I have ever been blest to see. After reviewing my MRI he referred me to Dr. E. Pasia. Before we left Dr. Doss he rattled off several one-line jokes that made me beg to him "I was all  laughed out, with tears running down my face". I practically pushed him out of the exam room, I could not take any more. He totally made the rest of my day. "GOD PLEASE BLESS THIS MAN". Also he referred me to see Dr. E. Pasia. Another personable , warm, kind and funny  doctor with one-line jokes also. I think there was some competition between the two doctors. Anyway after reviewing my MRI, he suggested I receive physical therapy first. I had the P.T. and it is working. I do my exercises ( 2 1/2 hrs. per day ) as many times a week as possible. I tell everyone who needs to see a specialist my experience with O.A. I must admit I was very very skeptical to go to them after my bad experience with an Orthopedic doctor several years ago in Southfield,  Mich. ( not related to O.A. ). A VERY WARM THANK YOU to Doctors Doss and Pasia. I am forever grateful.”

    – Bryan C.
  • “Dr. Pasia, a very caring doctor, chose a treatment for me that was not invasive rather than a surgical procedure, which might have been confining.”

    – Kathleen N.
  • “Everyone there was very nice and prompt.. I started off with Dr. Sciotti.. he was great.. and he referred me to Dr. Pasia who did my surgery. He was very nice.. And then my followups have been with Josh Kiba..Great guy.. good bedside manner and very efficient. Would recommend Orthopedic Associates to anyone!”

    – Tracy G.
  • “I have had nothing but positive experiences at Orthopedic Associates. Dr. Steve Heithoff has kept my carpal tunnel pain under control with injections rather than surgery. I have several back conditions (degenerative discs, lumbar stenosis, lower spinal curve) and Dr. Pasia has provided huge relief with a different type of back support. I had several therapy sessions under Maureen's care - Kristin did most of the "hands-on" but all the PT staff that I had contact with were top notch. I noticed much improvement after only two treatments and by the end of my sessions could walk without any assistance. I still do the prescribed home exercises and am on "as needed status" now with my providers. My current need is to find time to meet with Maureen for new orthotics. I always recommend OA to anyone in need of care. I live 65 miles from Port Huron and am 81 years old but it is worth the drive to receive the type of care that OA provides.”

    – Nira A.
  • “I went to see Dr. Ernst one morning because I could barely walk. I had woken up that morning with the worst back pain I had ever felt. After numerous trips to physical therapy, cortisone injections, steroids, etc...he determined I needed surgery for a slipped disc and sent me to see Dr. Pasia. Dr Pasia, to this day, is the best, and my favorite doctor I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He did a wonderful job on my surgery and this many years later, I'm doing great and have had no complications. I will always be grateful and would recommend ANYONE to go see Dr Pasia!!!”

    – Karen S.
  • “One year ago today Dr. Pasia inserted 3 rods, 6 screws and 2 spacers in my lower back. (L4, L5, S1). I would like to thank Dr. Pasia for best year of pain free life I have led in 20 years. I never dreamed I would ever feel "normal" again, but here I am free of pain medication and anti-inflammatories. Thank you Dr. Pasia for giving me my life back!”

    – Anonymous
  • “On March 7, 2011, Dr. Pasia did a spinal fusion on L4, L5 and S1. I recovered fine and was feeling great. I told Dr. Pasia he gave me my life back. On Labor Day weekend 2013, I fell on my back. I had severe pain in my back and was sure I dislodged a spacer or broke something. Dr. Pasia ordered X-rays and assured me my rods, screws, and spacers were secure and that I had pulled a muscle in my back. He prescribed pain medication, muscle relaxers, and ordered physical therapy for me. He reassured me at one visit that he would get me back to where I was. Today was my last physical therapy visit and I feel great. Thank you, Dr. Pasia.”

    – Shirley C.
  • “"My experience with Orthopedic Associates was great. The staff was extremely helpful, friendly, and treated me with respect. Dr. Pasia and Dr. Kowalski showed much concern with my condition and explained all the necessary procedures that I would need to correct my condition. They also made me feel comfortable, was easy to talk to, and I think they both are GREAT." -- Myrna P.”

    – Myrna
  • “"Six weeks ago, I underwent lower back surgery. I was having pain and numbness in my lower back that was running down my left leg. Dr. Pasia of Orthopedic Associates performed the surgery. By the end of the first day, I was up walking short distances with a walker. The second day, I was walking on my own. After a short recovery in Port Huron Hospital, I was released to go home. Recovery has been very positive and moving forward. It was a very positive experience from the start to the point I'm at. My goal is to return to work, as it has been from the start and I'm well on the way." -- Randy M. ”

    – Randy
  • “I came to OAPH at the end of 2010 because I injured my back at work (disc herniation). I first met with Dr. Pasia, which began my treatment. Dr. Pasia was very compassionate with my situation and encouraged me to do everything I could to care for my back other than him performing surgery on my back. He put me into PT where I first met with Laura; she's awesome. The entire staff at OA has really shined a bright light as to how a PT office is to operate daily. The staff at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron is a fun-loving family with a great passion for what they do for everyone. I will mention Rob, Donna, Karen, and all the training staff. Each one of these people has made me a better person physically as well as spiritually and emotionally. Let's not forget Jenny and Jessica at the front desk. I have had many wonderful conversations with these beautiful women. May God bless you all and keep the current atmosphere alive and well. Oh yes, I almost forgot: thank you very much, Julie, for your sweet and kind words as well. If I forgot anyone, it's not intentional. God bless you all and DO NOT lose the humor, great conversations and deep-rooted compassion to 'Keep People Moving.' OAPH serves as a place of hope to so many who have experienced an unexpected situation in life and hope is ALWAYS a good thing. Thank you!!”

    – Sean E.
  • “"Orthopedic Associates has an outstanding staff and doctors that are very caring. I have had three very successful knee surgeries done by Dr. Scott Heithoff and I am now being seen by Dr. Neil Pasia for my spinal and back needs whom is also an outstanding doctor and very caring about his clients and there well being. Thank you to all at Orthopedic Associates for your outstanding care that you have given to me in the past two years. I will continue to use Orthopedics Associates for all my future needs." -- David”

    – David